Salmon Nasi Lemak

Today my brother and I bought beautiful fresh salmon. All I wanted to eat for dinner for Nasi Lemak, but of course, i did not have time to make the chilli paste i decided to give it a cheat by buying the paste from “Emma’s seafood” from Northbridge.

Ingredients: Salmon, coconut milk, basmati rice, ginger, pandan leaf, 2 eggs, bilis, cucumber, chilli paste

Step 1: Rice making, fill in your pot with at least 1 or 2 cups of basmati rice (depending on how many people are eating it could be more or less servings.) Make sure to wash the rice till it clears itself from its thick milkly colour, than fill the pot with 2inches of water, just above the rice. A simpler way is by putting your index finger. Add in a knob of ginger with coconut milk and pandan leaves, and lastly a tea spoon or less of salf. Mix in well with the rice and leave it to cook in the rice cooker.

Step 2: Frying the salmon, heat the pan and add a little bit of sunflower or olive oil, so the salmon does not stick to the pan. Do not put the pan on high heat as it would burn the salmon quickly and won’t have enough time to cook the inside of the fish, fry both sides of the salmon till it becomes a beautiful light pink in colour, but don’t rush and take it off the pan, check the inside of the salmon is also cooked. Once the salmon is done leave it aside.

Step 3: omelet, take 1 or 2 eggs, crack it in a bowl and add in salt and pepper (and optional a little bit of coconut oil), whisk the egg till it looks nice and bubbly and add onto the pan.

Presentation: When the rice, salmon and omelet is prepared, take a plate and add them together. Than garnish the side of the plate with the chilli paste, cut cucumbers and bilis.

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