Kelsey is based in Perth, West Australia, she studies Journalism and Public Relations at Curtin University, she will be graduating in early 2014.


Which originally started as a college assignment in mid 2011, Kelsey grew passionate in continuing to blog about her daily cooking she learnt from her singaporean family and replicating dishes from local restaurants. After graduation Kelsey is thinking on temporarily moving to London to do a short cooking course.


SK stands for both initials of Sharon and Kelsey, launched back in London during the winter break of 2012, both mother-daughter decided to do a joint styling project that looks into their different daily styles.

What is your nationality?

Where were you born?
London, United Kingdom

Why do you refer yourself as eurasian?
Because my dad is european and my mom is asian, euro+asian=eurasian

Do you have any siblings?
I have a twin brother who is older than me by a minute

How many languages can you speak?
Two – english and french

Name the countries you’ve lived in?
I moved to seven countries and moved nine times:
Uk, London
Cyprus, Paphos
Singapore, Farrer/Holland road
Mauritius, Trou d’Eau Douce, Belle Mare, Post Lafayette and Pereybere
Brunei, Jalandhar Muara
Greece, Glyfada
Australia, Perth

I moved back to Mauritius and Cyprus twice

What is your style of cooking?
A mix of asian, Portuguese eurasian and european cuisine

When did you learn to cook?
When i was between the age of 7-10 my dad used to cook potato omelettes with my brother and I on Sunday mornings back in Mauritius, which was the start of my cooking journey. During my early teenage life i would bake cakes and pancakes with my best friend during weekends, this gradually turned to cooking simple spaghetti  dishes. At 16 and 17 i spent long summer’s in Santorini where i taught myself to cook savoury foods and that was when i approached dad with the idea of going to a cooking school instead of going to university but changed my mind at the last minute to pursue a bachelor degree in Australia

Other than cooking and styling what do you blog about?
My puppy Bella, beauty products, travels and restaurants

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