Both my brother and I were looking through my cooking note book and were trying to find what kind of cooking to make for dinner. Finally we agreed on trying to make italian rather than an asian dish for a change.

Ingredients: Mince beef, chilli, onion, garlic, lasagna sheets, tomato sauce, egg plant and bechamel

Step 1: Heat wok with a drissel oil, than begin to fry chopped garlic, chilli and onion

Step 2: Add in mince beef with tomato sauce, simmer with salt and pepper

Step 3: Once cooked leave it aside

Step 4: Slice egg plant and oven bake it with a bit of olive oil

Step 5: Take a dish and add in slices of lasagna sheets

Step 6: Add a layer of mince beef

Step 7: Layer with egg plant

Step 8: Layer with bechamel sauce

Step 9: Continue the process

Step 10: Once finished, add gratted cheese

Step 11: Instead dish into oven and leave to bake

Gail’s salad dressing

Ingredients: Olive oil, sunflower oil, small onion, mustard, curry powder, white vinegar, sugar

Step 1: Chop small onion and add into blender

Step 2: Add 1 cup olive oil, 1 cup sunflower oil

Step 3: Add 1 tablespoon mustard and 1 tablespoon curry powder

Step 4: Add in half cup white vinegar and half cup white sugar

Step 5: Blend well, if vinaigrette isn’t sweet enough, add in another half cup of sugar

Chicken balsamico penne

When i used to work in Santorini, the chef Spyros used to cook one dish which I completely fell in love with and have been wanting to make it myself ever since! It’s been over 2 years though, so i might have forgotten a couple of ingredients to the dish, but never the less, when it came to eating it, it was heaven… Looked horrible with the balsamic but it was YUM!

Ingredients: Penne, chicken, sage, cheese and balsamic

Step 1: Boil penne with salt and olive oil

Step 2: Heat wok with a drissel of olive oil and begin to fry cut chicken

Step 3: Add in sage leafs

Step 4: When the penne has finished, add with chicken and mix in well

Step 5: Add atleast 4-5 tablespoon of balsamico, if the taste isn’t ‘sour’ enough, keep adding more

Step 6: Lastly add in cheese, leave to melt than begin to mix everything together

Spanish omelette tortilla

Sunday, after doing the house chores and going for a morning exercise to jacob’s ladder. I decided to cook something pretty simple which my dad thought me when I was 8, and also because it’s sunday, it was tradition to cook a spanish tortilla omelette.

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 2 potatoes, milk and salt, pepper

Step 1: Grate potatoes and begin to thinly slice them

Step 2: Heat frying pan with oil, then add in potatoes and leave it to fry till its goldens in color

Step 3: Put them aside on a plate and remove any oil with a napkin

Step 4: Crack 4 eggs into a bowl, then add in a drop of milk and salt and pepper

step 5: Wisk them all till bubbly

Step 6: Add the potatoes into the omelette and gently wisk

Step 7: With the same pan or bigger, add in the omelette and leave to fry

Step 8: Gently with the spatula, lift the bottom of the omelette to check if it is cooked

Step 9: When other side of omelette looks cooked, gently turn over/ if you are scared to turn it over, you can add in your pan into the oven and cook it for a while on medium heat

Step 10: Transfering the omelette onto a plate can be quite difficult, but don’t worry, just cover a plate onto of the omelette and turn the pan and plate over

Omelet beefcurd

My brother came back home after a long day at uni, he called me asking what we were having for dinner etc, one discussion lead to another and we decided he would cook steak for our friend and I, something simple because he’s still new with cooking.

Ingredients: Steak, omelet, potato, beans, garlic

Step 1: Pound 2-3 garlic and cut the tips of the beans

Step 2: Poke potato which is cut in half, then oven bake them

Step 3: Heat pan with butter and add in garlic, once butter has melted and garlic beginning to fry add in the beans and begin to stir fry

Step 4: Add a little bit more of butter if getting dry or lack in taste, then add in pepper and switch heat off and leave aside

Step 5: Take another pan, and drissel abit of oil and add in your steak

Step 6: Once the raw side of steak looks bloody, its a sign to turn it over

Step 7:  Add seasoning, salt and pepper on the steak, do not over cook the steak for to long, switch heat and put it aside

Step 8: Crack an egg and begin to whisk with seasoning, salt, pepper and a little bit of milk

Step 9: Put a little bit of oil on pan, and begin to cook the omelet

Step 10: Check on potato by poking it with fork, if soft inside, it means its ready, if still a little tough/hard to poke, it means it is still raw

In the end, put all cooked ingredients together on a plate, ready to be served.

It’s obviously nothing special, but its very healthy if your somebody who is on a ‘diet’ or just wants a light meal. As it provides you with all the proteins and vitamins.

Detox drink

Since i love food, sometimes it’s good to clean your inside’s including feeling re-energized/rejuvenated and healthy. My dad started making this rosemary detox drink a couple of years ago and since then we’ve both become detox addicts and always make a pot to last the week. I always drink it when ever i have the time whether it’s morning, evening or both! I always feel better drinking the tea.

Ingredients: Rosemary, orange skin, ginger, green tea

Step 1: Boil hot water from kettle and add halfway into the pot.

Step 2: Throw in a hand full of rosemary, one whole orange (skin), knob of ginger (cut out it’s skin) and lastly 2 sachet of green tea.

Step 3: Close the lid and leave it to mix and blend the flavor over night, the orange skin will sweeten the taste of rosemary.

The next morning your ready to detoxify yourself.

Spaghetti- tomato sauce, bacon, sausage and mushroom

Today I felt like having something a little different from asian, I decided to spice things up with one of the dishes I’ve learnt how to cook since i was 13. The person I thank for teaching me is my mom who somehow always makes her’s better than mine.

Ingredients: Tomato sauce, bacon, sausage, mushroom, chilli, onion, garlic, white wine.

Step 1: Use a chopping board, take a few chilli’s, one onion and a couple of garlic’s – at least 4-5. Start cutting the chilli into pieces and with the garlic, cut it into fine little cubes, than with your onion also chop into fine little cubes. Once all is done, heat up your pan or wok with a drissel of olive oil.

Step 2: Don’t over cook it as you will be adding the bacon and sausage to cook at the same time. Cut the bacon, remove what ever fat is on the side, then cut into cubes. With the sausage, cut circular. Once done, add them in to the wok and fry all the ingredients together, cook till the bacon and sausage is well done.

Step 3:   Take any kind of tomato sauce, pore it into the wok and stir all together. What ever remaining sauce that is in the can or jar, fill it with water, half way and mix it into the wok, so the sauce liquifies itself.

Step 4: Season the sauce with salt and pepper, take any kind of white wine and drissel in for extra taste, finally take a table spoon of white sugar and mix it in.

Step 5: Turn the heat from the stove to low heat, allowing all the ingredients to simmer and blend the taste.

Step 6: (Optional) take your cut mushrooms and mix it into the sauce. And switch off the stove.

Step 7: Take a separate pot with hot water, add in a sprinkle of salt and olive oil and leave it to boil till it begins to bubble. Once bubbling add in your choice of pasta. Cook it for 10 minutes, but just in case have a look as it might be cooked before that time.

Step 8: Drain the water and add the pasta into a bowl and mix olive oil in order to give it taste and so the pasta does not stick together when the pasta begin’s to cool down.

I hope you enjoy this dish? Bon Appetit