Tofu salmon

As usual since mom has left us after her long holidays with my brother and i, the fridge has been completely dead, and i’m not joking, have a picture to prove it. Even though there is nothing, there is no excuse to order take away chinese, going out to the restaurant or worst going to mcdonalds to buy a huge meal (like we did last weekend – both of us felt disgusting and i swore to never do it again!). Nothing stops my imagination with what ever little things that remains in the fridge, lucky for me there was salmon, few carrots, frozen peas, couple of eggs and plenty of rice and sauces in the pantry, so why not mix it up and have a very healthy dinner that take less than 20minutes?

Ingredients: Salmon, tofu, egg, rice, peas/corn, ginger, carrot, soya sauce, fish sauce, mirin sauce

Step 1: Fry the salmon

Step 2: Seperately fry small cubed tofu pieces

Step3: Put them aside once there done

Step 4: Smash a knob of ginger and 2-3 pieces of garlic

Step 5: Heat wok with a little drizzle of canola oil and add the ginger and garlic

Step 6: Slice carrots into small pieces and add them along with peas into the wok and begin to stir fry the vegetables for a little while

Step 7: Add salt and white pepper

Step 8: Add half cup of mirin sauce, half cup of soya sauce, half cup of fish sauce into the wok

Step 9: Lower heat and add in the salmon and tofu

Lastly in the end once the rice is done, fry yourself an egg